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Strap Ankle Boots

Strap Ankle Boots

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These stylish strap ankle boots are perfect for winter. Featuring a square heel, synthetic lining, a buckle strap and high heel (5cm-8cm) for added support, these shoes offer a secure fit. The buckle strap provides the perfect blend of style and function, while the PU upper, PU shaft and rubber outsole provide all the comfort you need. And, not to mention, the pointed toe gives these shoes a modern edge. If you're looking for a perfect pair of boots to last you all winter, look no further than these strap ankle boots.

Feet length 22.5cm=Eur 35=US 5

Feet length 23cm=Eur 36=US 6

Feet length 23.5cm=Eur 37=US 6.5

Feet length 24cm=Eur 38=US 7.5

Feet length 24.5cm=Eur 39=US 8.5

Feet length 25cm=Eur 40= US 9

Feet length 25.5cm=Eur 41= US 9.5

Feet length 26cm=Eur 42= US 10

Feet length 26.5cm=Eur 43= US 10.5

































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