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Led Therapy Mask Skin Rejuvenation

Led Therapy Mask Skin Rejuvenation

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Introducing the perfect way to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful with our LED Therapy Mask Skin Rejuvenation! This innovative mask comes with 7 vibrant colors that together create a powerful Photo Dynamic Therapy to change the appearance of your skin. Increase the production of collagen, whiten skin wrinkles, tighten your skin and improve pigments, fine lines and anti-aging effects. Reducing skin oil, smooth skin and reduce redness and swelling that come with aging.

Suitable for all skin types, the LED light therapy mask contains 150 non-ultraviolet, non-heat-generating LED bulbs. A brilliant technology with no side effects that helps you get the youthful glow and reduce wrinkles. With its recommended operating time of 10-15 minutes, let this mask give your skin the best treatment it needs! With 32 LED, its 20x15x17cm dimensions in white color, red light to improve cell activity and speed up metabolism, blue light for sterilization and anti-inflammatory effects, green to reduce skin oil secretion, yellow to replenish energy for skin cells, purple for removing acne and cyan to continuously enhance cell energy and promote metabolism along with the laser light penetration deep into the skin, this mask will guarantee you the beautiful, youthful and hassle-free skin your desire.





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